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Freightquote Business Tools success stories.

Freightquote Business Tools allows you to quickly add instant freight shipping quotes to your website or auction. We've integrated hundreds of businesses who use the system to grow their business. Below are a few that like the product so much, they want you to know about it!

  • "The Freightquote API has allowed us to focus more time on our business and less time on shipping. We can get freight quotes in just a few seconds and with almost no typing now through our backend systems and the API. It saves us a tremendous amount of time and effort."

    Brian Vass

    VP of IT, Brazilian Direct, Ltd.

  • "The Freightquote system allows our team to spend the bulk of its time with our customers, rather than quoting and setting up shipments. The staff is great too, always responsive to our needs."

    Jeff Stow

    General Manager,

  • "Prior to our integration we consistently had to call and email customers who would place large pallet size orders through our web site. We were consistently having errors in shipping cost calculations. Our web site at the time could not give a true representation of the shipping expense and was frequently way off in its calculations. After the integration customers were able to pick and choose the carrier of their choice based on either the best price, or a carrier they felt more comfortable with.

    Customers are able to freely calculate the overall cost and size of their order because of the accurate shipping interface. They were able to accurately determine their “item unit price”.

    With the integration we are no longer restricted to just UPS, FedEx, and USPS…now every carrier is an possible option.

    Our customers can make better sound decisions about their order.

    We have seen an increase in larger orders because the customer can immediately calculate their total cost without the delay of calling us to obtain their shipping."

    Ken Henson

    General Manager, Nationwide Wholesale Candy

  • "I began to spend more time obtaining quotes for freight than any other part of my job. Now that customers can get their own shipping quotes direct from my website, the number of sales has zoomed from 10 per month to 100 per month."

    Davis Rodgers

    CTO, Southwest Appliances

  • "Freightquote is very responsive! Whenever we have a question they always get right back to us."


    Cargo Largo

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