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Frequently asked questions

Freightquote's Business Tools work with all kinds of applications. Below are some commonly asked questions from users just like you. If you want to talk to a specialist or have business partnership questions, give us a call.

How does the copy and paste freight calculator work?

The copy and paste freight calculator is a simple, easy way to add instant freight quotes to your website, shopping cart, or eBay™ auction. Simply enter and save your products, then copy the special code onto your web page. It's that easy.

How can I use the new freight calculator for eBay™?

Freightquote already provides you and eBay with the tools your buyers need to ship heavy items on eBay. It's built into the eBay™ system and information can be found on the Freight Resource Center.

I already ship using, can I use these new tools?

Yes! The new Business Tools package is fully integrated with your current account. Simply sign in using your credentials and your product catalog is automatically imported. You will have to add some information to the products before using the freight calculator.

Can I use with my current shopping cart?

Absolutely. The new Business Tools API comes with prepackaged add-ons for many popular shopping cart applications, including OSCommerce.

I don't have an online store yet, will Freightquote help me set one up?

We have a section with useful information to help you get started selling your products online. Within just a few hours, you can set up your very own website platform. We also have paid services to help you get professional work done.

Do these tools integrate with enterprise applications?

Yes. Numerous enterprise businesses already quote thousands of freight shipments per day using these tools. We also provide consulting services to help your enterprise integrate with our API.

Have questions?

Our support staff are available to help answer any questions you might have. You can also see our frequently asked questions page.

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